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White Dismountable Air Humidifier For Home And Office
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Take the White Mountable Air Humidifier Everywhere

? Ultimate Portability – The white mountable air humidifier is lightweight and works with absolutely any container. Water bottles, coffee mugs, bowls or whatever you have handy instantly becomes the base of the humidifier. Use it in the car, at home, while traveling, or at the office.

? Great for Your Skin – The air humidifier keeps the dry air from drying out your skin. You’ll look and feel great.

? No More Static Shocks – If you’re tired of getting static shocks in your car, home, or office, the mountable air humidifier is the perfect solution.

? Super Quiet – The portable humidifier is ultra quiet. Perfect to use in baby’s room, while working, and when you want to fall asleep.

? Safety Shutoff – You never have to worry about falling asleep or being distracted while using the mountable air humidifier. The automatic shut off ensures absolute safety.

? Long-Lasting – Even with its portable size, the humidifier can last for over nine hours when used with approximately 500 mL of water.

? What’s included:

  • One humidifier
  • One USB cable
  • Two long cotton swabs
  • Two short cotton swabs
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