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L Shaped Desk With Shelves Reversible Corner Computer Desk Or 2 Person Long Table
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Color : Retro White

About this item

��L shaped Desk or Extra Long Desk�� - Adjustable 2 Person Desk into 59.45” L-shaped Corner Desk for Small Space, or 95.5" extra-long desk for large space. Double Tables Desk design for 2-person seat and no interference.

��Desk With Flexible Storage Shelves��- When assembled as L-shaped Desk, the Ladder Shelves can be Installed at right + Middle or at left + Middle. When assembled as a Long Desk, the shelves can be installed at right + Middle.

��Wide Desk Top with Movable Tier Shelf�� - Spacious Desk with Storage Bookshelf offers a Large Roomy Workspace & Legroom. Wide Desktop space is enough to fit your accessories, laptop, PC, keyboard, dual monitors even multiple monitors. Moreover, The Middle-tier shelves under the desk can be removed to make room for a large computer tower.

��More Natural, Healthy and eco-friendly Material�� - Crafted of 100% Healthy wooden particle board, meet P2 grade standard, certified by CARB. Thick Wood, Sturdy Metal frame, and wide steel tube with Strong load-bearing capacity design make the Computer desk more sturdy and stable.

��100% Satisfaction�� - We absolutely believe you will like our Two Person Desk(L-shaped Desk or Long Desk) with flexible Storage Shelves. Every Bestier shoppers enjoy 12 months Free Service. Additionally, Follow Steps to get Bestier VIP and get an extended service, please reference the manual in the package.


Question: What is the depth of this desk in inches? Question: What is length of each desk
Answer: It is close to 24 inches Answer: It has three sections. The two end pieces are just over 35 3/4”. The center piece is 23 1/2”.
Question: Separate parts Question: Can the shelves be installed as Left + Middle when in the long desk layout?
Answer: I did, thanks. Answer: Yes they can!
Question: Once you assemble it as L shaped, can you or how difficult is it to convert it to a long table? Question: Hi, could you post the instruction please? My son misplaced mine
Answer: It is just a matter of taking out apart and reassemble it in the long table form Answer: If you need the instructions, the seller should send then to you, if the seller don't do it, let me know and I'll try to help you, by the way the instructions are very, very bad....
Question: can this be laid out just lengthwise instead of l-shape? Question: Can you not use the middle shelf to fit a taller tower?
Answer: Yes Answer: Depends on what you want to do. When built in the straight mode, not the "L", the edge of top of the desk does not align on the edge of the middle shelf, it is offset by about 1 foot. In the "L" you will notice that the middle shelf supports both top surfaces about 1/2 way. If you are asking is it sturdy enough to support another shelf on top of it, I would guess yes as long as your not looking to support over 100-150 lbs on those shelves. Balance becomes the issue as it is only 24 inches wide. If you go to tall it will become top heavy.
Question: Would this be able to support a 25 gallon fish? tank Question: I don’t have the manual. How can I get it?
Answer: If a gallon of water is 8 pounds, I think iffy that 200 pounds would be safe. But I'm no structural enginer. Answer: Hi, you can contact the seller directly for the assembly instruction, they will help you.
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