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Floating Mat
Size : 9x6
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About this item

EASY STORAGE: The 9x6 Feet Junior Member of the Rubber Dockie Family; the Duckling, is Perfect When Portability is Paramount or When Storage Space is Limited.

TEAR STOP TECHNOLOGY: Our Tear-Stop Inner Matrix Prevents Full Length Lacerations

PREMIUM QUALITY: The TUFF-HIDE Outer Layer Provides Protection From Everyday Use While Remaining Easy on the Skin

SUPERIOR SAFETY: We Use a Bold and Highly Visible Green and Orange Color Combination to Provide the Ultimate Visibility in High Traffic Areas

INCLUDES: 12 feet Elastic Bungee Tether to Anchor the Dockie to Docks or Other Stationary Objects, a Pair of Custom Loop and Hook Storage Straps with Metal Buckles

1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Question: Does anybody know the dimensions of this rolled up? Question: Will mice chew a rubber dockie
Answer: 24 -28 inches by 6 feet. Depends how tight you can roll it. We do it on the lake in the water so not as tight as when on land. Answer: I store mine in a basement that has mice and they have not yet chewed it, however, the mice have chewed similar types of flotation items in my basement before so maybe it is just a matter of time
Question: Can this be used at the beach?? Question: How many people fit the 9 x 6
Answer: I would think the waves would make it a little rough to use at the beach. But if you could get it anchored you could try. Not sure I would recommend for beach though Answer: Depends if it’s kids vs adults and what they are doing (laying or jumping around). If it’s kids jumping around I think max is 4.
Question: How would you anchor it at the beach? Question: What are the large imperfections on the used ones? Could I get some pictures of the imperfections?
Answer: We have used a moveable anchor before. You can tie a rope to the string. And then run rope to anchor. We’ve done on the sound. Not on the beach. Answer: I have no idea. Mine was new and so far it’s holding up great



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